Reasons why a woman ditch a man

Breakups can be heartbreaking and sad for both men and elite Russian escorts. However they dump partners at times for some reason. Women drop relationships for obvious reasons as they are more sensitive emotionally and at the same time bold to the extreme. Women don’t forget even tiny mistakes or things that have affected or can affect their relationship. Each woman approaches relationships in her own subjective ways, which makes it a serious reason to ditch men when it doesn’t seem tolerable. 

Trust related reasons

Secondary affairs or multiple affairs affect women mentally and emotionally. They may start comparing themselves with elite Russian escorts or may start feeling insecure. Cheating or double-crossing is the thing hated by women the most and which is unforgivable and thus a proper reason to dump men. Another trust-related reason is telling “LIE”. When men start telling lies just to maintain trust and cover mistakes and relations with others. It may turn into a great issue leading to breakups. When men are unable to complete the promises or commitments, it is also considered an act of distrust. Women avoid a person who is not trustworthy. After all, it is the trust on which a strong foundation of any relationship is based. If there is no trust in a relationship, it will eventually break.

Too much controlling

Female partners can’t live in relation with a man who is too controlling because they feel suffocated in such a relatioship. Women too want to be self-dependent and free 24/7 to do whatever they want to do. Certain men do not let the woman keep control over the money she earned. It is good to share finances but if men take all the earnings from women and want her to take money from them when needed, this might frustrate women. It may be the reason for dumping men. 

A relationship is not about dominating elite Russian escorts. Both partners must feel equality. If men start dominating women in their personal life and sexuality, it may end the relationship. Because women can’t do slavery just for the satisfaction and needs of men. Too much control over your female counterpart leads to possessiveness and sometimes obsession too which is a dangerous thing in any relationship. It can take the relationship to a suffocating level and can harm physically and mentally.


Irresponsible men are more likely to be ditched by high class girl. Many men don’t bother about the responsibilities whether it’s in the case of household or finances they just leave it over women. Responsibility is not just about finances or household things, it’s also being responsible for the mental and emotional health of your partner. If the woman feels that her partner is not caring and responsible for her needs, she might end the relationship and start seeking a better partner. 

Interference of the third person

Women can’t tolerate it when men start giving more importance to someone else. Femape partners are very possessive about their relationships. They aren’t ready to share their men with someone else at any cost. But if men start involving someone else in them this may compel women to break up with those men. The only solution for this is to control yourself. I am not saying to make barriers for everyone else but at least try not to be close to someone else more than your girl. This is all that she wants from you. 

Don’t pay attention

Blondes are attention seekers. They want their men to pay attention 24/7 to everything they say. If men are just ignoring and not paying any attention it may end the relationship. Watching them! Yes, women want their men to see them all the time, adore them and give compliments to them. If you are bad at this, you may not be the one to have a healthy relationship going on. 

Remembering birthdays, anniversaries and so on are the other things that a busty expects from men. Midnight wishes, surprise gifts fascinate them. If the man doesn’t remember his woman’s birthday this can lead to a huge conflict and eventual breakup. A woman always craves her man’s attention. Be it a small thing like a compliment after dressing up or getting an anniversary gift. It matters a lot to her. The more attention given to a woman, the more she will love her man.

Less communication and independent behaviour

Females are gossip lovers. If the guy is not communicating properly or just nodding his head after hearing from the woman, this too can turn the relationship worse. Blondes  want their men to talk, not be silent as a dummy! Communicate to your girl more clearly and openly. Don’t end up with conversations saying “hmm”. Take interest in her gossip 24/7  and talks, don’t avoid taking part in communications. It’s good to talk and laugh together for at least 10 minutes a day for a happy relationship. When man tries to have greater levels of independence and doesn’t complete promises or commitments it may turn even a good relationship into a bad one. Women want their men to be connected to them in every part of life. When a woman realises that she and her partner are not dependent on each other even for important aspects of life she may ditch him and get into another relationship.

Unwanted restrictions

When men start establishing unwanted restrictions it may give the busty a feeling of prison instead of a relationship. When the freedom for expression is snatched away by the man, she may get frustrated with the relationship and start thinking about leaving the person and getting into another life. If you also see that your woman is about to dump you, check if you are following the above tips and give her the necessary attention, love and care that she wants. Check if you are not getting overprotective about her or are restricting her too much. Maybe you are communicative in your relationship or do not pay much attention to your partner. Both in the relatioship should be aware of what their partner wants.