What do men want in a relationship?

Women are complex in mental nature whereas men are easy to understand. If we talk about relationships, both men and women follow diverted paths. What men are looking for in a relationship is not always the same for women.  Their desires, emotions and mentality about relationships, ways of expression varies may be due to different hormones or mind structures. Elite Russian escorts or as such women take their time to get into relationships but once settled they become more possessive and dedicated. Whereas men take it easy to come and jump out into relationships. However, this is not the same for every man. There are a few things that men want in their relationship

Unconditional love

Men want unconditional love in their relationships. If they are offered love in exchange for demands and conditions it could be a great turn off in their life. Unlike women, men do not prefer permanent commitments. They want to fly free like a bird in the sky. They can’t remain in conditions or restrictions. Such a mechanical way of life makes them bored and frustrated soon. These conditions work as barriers to the free flow of love. This can make a man look for new partners. Especially which are open-minded like elite Russian escorts. This trait of men can be understood by our primitive history. Men used to go out in the woods to hunt. Women on the other hand had to take care of children and therefore they remained mostly indoors. These roles of our ancestors control our behaviour even today. 

Friendship and communication

Men want a female partner to whom they can communicate openly just like a best friend. They don’t want any woman in their life who controls them 24/7. Many men confess that they want real friendship with a true friend rather than a female companion. A person with whom he can share his feelings, life through active communication. As women are considered more talkative with a rarely silent tongue, even men also want to talk and to be listened to. The couples who have better friendships more than a relationship are always the happiest ones. They share their feelings and conversations with immense pleasure. The time when men take decisions and women remain silent has gone. But our primitive inclinations towards our roles still persists and therefore, we see too much conflict between married couples. 


In a relationship, another thing that men desire is intimacy. Even women want it too. But there’s a difference in lovemaking for both men and women. Women may not consider it a necessity while men may be more addicted to it and want it. Men may be fast beginners and women may be slow starters. Sexual desires and modes of sexuality differ in men and women. Intimacy is not a forbidden fruit that’s necessary to eat, however, it’s necessary to harmonize relationships. It unites men and elite Russian escorts, their souls deeply in lovemaking and affection. Lovemaking as explained by its name is the procedure of creating affections and love between two people.

In the past, many couples considered marriage or association a way to bring up kids. Bearing offspring was the main agenda then. Over the period of time, things changed. More and more people started preferring association that was easy. Every relationship must understand the sexual elements involved in it is important. If ignored it can make the relationship worse. A high class girl might be happy without it, but a man can be easily frustrated. Understanding the differences in sexual nature may help both the partners to build a better relationship and deal with it most successfully. 

Support and encouragement

Another important aspect of a relationship is support and encouragement. Everyone desires to support and encouragement from their female partners in almost every field of life. Men however are more addicted to support and perpetual encouragement. Women need to tune up men by encouraging them 24/7 in all stages of life. Women need to offer consistent support in all matters related to their personal life as well as matters related to the relationship.  All men expect much support and encouragement from their partner in relationships, but when they don’t get their desires fulfilled they may start looking for new relationships and friendships in which they can get a more supportive and encouraging partner.

Commitment and fidelity

The last thing that men desire in a relationship is commitment and fidelity. Same as women, men look for utmost commitment and uncompromised fidelity. They too are possessive towards their women and want them to be only theirs. Women with roaming eyes are always unacceptable by men. They need a busty who loves them unconditionally and solely dedicated herself to relationships. It’s really heartbreaking for men if their partner is less committed to them. They can’t tolerate their women being closer to someone else. More attention to any other person is also not liked by men. 


If a high class girl finds any change in behaviour of her man, she will immediately try to find out what he wants. There can be some irrelevant reason why he is angry. No relation can go far without these as most men are looking for these things in the relationship they are in. So the women should do their best that they take care of these things so that their man is not feeling stressed and enjoy the relationship. Females should give their men unconditional love, great intimacy and also support them in all their endeavours.

Make your man feel good 24/7 with commitment and friendship so that they never think about any other woman and they are also committed to you. Keep your man bound to you with all the above requirements and enjoy a great relationship with warmth and fun.