Signs its Time to finally Stop Drinking

Hi there, in our line of work as a high class Mayfair escort, most of us get indulged in the fast life and end up adopting bad habits that ruin our lives instead of making it better. One of this habit is alcohol abuse. We drink alcohol and everywhere. Whether we are having a romantic date with a Saudi Billionaire or when just hanging out with our friends and loved ones.

When busty girls think about it, the amount of alcohol you drink in a given week means you are abusing it. For this reason, we have decided to write this article on the tell signs you need to watch out for to know whether you are an alcoholic and if it’s time to quit.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a strong undesirable desire to drink. If Chelsea models are alcoholics, you will put your favourite beer bottle first and other important matters such as family second. You may also have withdrawal symptoms when you plan to quit drinking. So what are the red flags an escort should look out for to know you have an alcoholic problem?

The easiest tell sign to know that you have an alcohol problem can be seen when you listen to your friends and family. Are they suggesting that you are drinking too much? If yes, then you have an alcohol problem. Also, you might have an alcohol problem if it negatively affects your work performance.

Do you drink alcohol late in the night until you cannot wake up early to go to work? If yes, then you are probably an alcoholic. Also, one last meaningful sign is that you cannot survive the day without alcohol. For elite London escorts, this dramatically affects how you relate with VIP clients and how much you earn.

4 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Alcohol

1. You Want to Stop, but Your Mouth Craves for it

As a busty call girl, if you are at the stage where you want to stop drinking, but your throat craves for alcohol, then it’s time to quit. If you are not careful, you will end up as an alcoholic.

2. You Waste Away an Entire Weekend Drinking

Weekends are supposed to be fun and spent with friends and loved ones. Saturdays and Sundays are good day to catch up and bond. However, if you spend your weekends drinking and with a hangover, you need to reconsider your 24/7 model booking habits.

3. Your Hangover Lasts for Up to 3 days

High class models advise that if your hangover lasts up to 3 days, you know it’s time to stop drinking. A Hangover is an unpleasant feeling characterised by severe headaches and nausea. Constant headaches result in reduced productivity, which significantly affects any escort’s income.

4. You Hate the Fact That You Feel Prisoned

If you feel like alcohol has made you an escorting prisoner in your own home, then it is probably time to stop drinking. Becoming a prisoner makes it difficult for you to do other essential things, such as reading and socialising.

In conclusion, we acknowledge that it is not easy for elite London escorts to stop taking alcohol. However, there comes the point where you have to decide to stop drinking so that you have a better life.