Ways to Attract Customer

Best Ways to Attract Customer

Are you running a VIP business 24/7? And you are wondering what to do to increase your customer base? Maybe you are yet to break even because the price of rent is too high or you have too many variable costs that don’t seem to be reducing. If this is you, then this article will sort you out.

When it comes to running a business with a high class business model, you do not have to have all the skills required as an entrepreneur. Yes, these skills are essential but not as important as the skill to Sell! If you cannot sell, then you have no escorting customers. And if you have no customers, then you are out of business. It is that simple!

Only then, when you know how to sell will the following tips work for you.

4 Cheap Ways to Attract Customers

1 Focus on Word of Mouth

Use of word of mouth is the oldest form of advertising in the world after print. Though this not a fast way to advertise your high class Chelsea busty escort business, it is the best.


Because girls trust referrals more, to get more referrals always concentrate on customer satisfaction.  If you are offering a massage, for example, then give the best massage service in the industry. If a customer is satisfied, he becomes your foot soldier and will not be required to be paid to spread the right word.

2 Give “Free” Services

Yes, yes, I get it. If you give free busty call girl services, then how will you make money? When we say free services, we do not mean 100% free. We only suggest that you should create the perception of offering a free service. The “Free” service can be a complementary service/product whose cost is already factored in the money service.

For example, if you charge 30 pounds for an erotic massage, you can offer a free pedicure session. If the pedicure costs 10 pounds, then the new pricing strategy can be 35 pounds by reducing the session time from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.

3. Offer Discounts

Let us assume that your new Park Lane call girl business specialises in selling sexy lingerie. In this case, you can offer discounts for slow-moving products as part of your pricing strategy. Also, you can have an offer of complimentary products. For example, you can sell lingerie while giving a request for a sexy bra with a 50% discount on it. You buy one and get one free.

4. Get Listed on Popular Directories

I bet you have heard about yellow pages. Back then, yellow pages were used to get more information about a particular business before the internet showed up in the old days. These days, however, new 24/7 elite London escorts do not need a 400-page book to get their services out there. Look for local directories that are relevant in your field and list your VIP business there. In conclusion, do not forget about having a website set up and ensuring you are tax compliant.

Elite London escorts need to feel they are in a set up even if they are not. Confidence is an essential tool that is getting your team to pull together and achieve the results needed to win. Without it, you can be sure that your team plans will disintegrate and your business will crumble. If you don’t stop it, then it will break apart, and you will have to start from scratch again.