Signs your Partner is after your Money

If there is no dearth of money in your life or you have a wonderful job then you are more likely to have people around you who care about your money. Sometimes you find such a person close to your heart like elite Russian escorts. You get emotionally attached to them 24/7. You give them an important place in your life. But with time you realize that this person is not worthy of your love and he only cares about your money. At that time you feel bad and ditched that you were not able to recognise the person who did not love you, but just your money. But you can save yourself from this pain and trauma. Let’s talk about the signs that show that your partner is not interested in the relationship and is only looking at your money.

Always keen on Money

It is a good thing to have a discussion about money between a couple. But too much of anything is bad. Does your partner always cry in front of you about money? And does he tells you how much he is in debt? Maybe, he does all these things intentionally. He has also cried in front of you for lack of money. As soon as you offer help to him, he becomes very relaxed. If this situation has occurred a few times then you should rather get cautious about your female partner. All she is looking for your sympathy to get your money. Once she gets the money for her needs from you all the drama stops and, she is on her business of relaxation as usual. This is a clear sign that your partner is just after your money and has no real feelings for you like elite Russian escorts who get involved with you from the depth of their heart.

Used to spend in the beginning

Did you notice that when you began your relationship, you used to spend money on yourself? Because of this, you did not doubt. Your partner used to be ahead in the initial expenditure. He used to spend on hotels, travel, gifts, elite Russian escorts, etc. In this way, slowly, he won your trust. But with time, now he has stopped making such expenses. Now he has put all this load on you with cleverness. Whenever you go out for dinner or vacation, all he does is look up to you for the payments everywhere. He has all the excuses now for not being able to spend on you and other expenses. If your partner has changed about his way of spending on you or mutual expenses then you should be careful about your money.

The bad image about work

No matter how much you love your female partner, do not make the mistake of ignoring these signs related to them. Have you noticed that if you ask your partner to do some work for you, she will just make some excuse of being busy? Even if you give her some responsibility, she would be very careless about it. If your partner adopts a careless attitude towards work and avoids taking responsibility 24/7, then it can become a problem for you in the future. There is an increased chance that your partner only sees you as their backup. She does not want to share any responsibility neither be putting effort into the relationship. You should get aware, then sooner or later when her needs for money are fulfilled from you, she might ditch you for someone else.

Talks about the future, but not money

Do you see your partner always talks about buying a big house, car etc? He always tries to show you how comfortable a big house is or how this new car will suit you. Yes, all he does is just talk. But he does not work hard to get it. They see golden dreams of the future with a busty like you but do not contribute in any way to fulfil them. All his talks about the future are only dreams and there is nothing on ground reality. If you also experience this, remember he is just trying to make you happy with his false dreams so that you do not suspect his real intentions. It is better for a high class girl to keep away from such a person rather than duping your money on him.

Talks for hours about your money

Have you noticed, that when it comes to talking about your money, your blonde doesn’t stop talking? Endlessly she will just ask questions and clarifications about money. They will always be ready to manage your money. Where should you spend the money, they do not shy away from giving an opinion. In this way gradually they start taking control of your money. You will not even know when they start dictating you about your money as to where to spend it. But she will never talk about her own money. Even if you try to inquire, they will avoid the discussion. Remember your girl is just using you for your money.

Excuses in your time of need

Couples try their best to help their partner in times of trouble. But whenever you need, your partner leaves by making excuses or playing an emotional card, then you should understand this situation quickly. Whenever he wants your money, he plays the victim card but the same is not true for you. It is better to push such a high class girl out of your life than repenting afterwards.


You might love your busty from the depth of your heart, but remember relationships are made on equal footings. The same applies to money. If it is only you who is spending and not your babe, then it is high time you get out of this costly relationship.