The Simple Formula for Successfully Being Productive and Clear Headed

In the recent turn of events, all of us have gone through tremendously troubling times. And it seems our struggle is still far from over. And when the world is surrounded by chaos, we as individuals are playing our part to our maximum capabilities. But to tell the truth, deep down, Covid-19 has made a big blow on the mental health of everyone including elite Russian escorts. We feel drowsy, our brain seems foggy, and we do not feel productive. Some days are just worse, and other days we fight with ourselves to keep our brain and body functioning. The only thing we all truly want is mental peace. We feel you. So, in this article, we will talk about the simplest of things that you can do anywhere and at any given time to successfully being productive and clear-headed.


Start your day with a quick meditation. You do not have to be a pro to meditate. Close your eyes and take deep breaths – inhale and exhale. Do this for a minimum of 10 minutes before jumping to grab your smartphones. While you are at it, follow the meditation with a couple of stretching exercises. But, of course, your spine needs more than just meditation. Not only in the morning, whenever you feel the weariness sets in, stop your work and sit down and count your breathing. When you start to meditate, you will see that your mind becomes calm and you are able to think more clearly about elite Russian escorts. Keep increasing your meditation time and you will see how this daily process does wonders for you. 

Workplace Decor

Try to keep your workplace organised. You can add in a small plant or your busty’s portrait, or any other artefacts that may help you ease the tension. Also, make sure you keep your bed and workplace entirely separate. All try to keep your workplace uncluttered. If all the things are scattered on your work desk, it will hamper your productivity as sometimes you won’t be able to find important things when needed most.

Set Your Priorities

Plan out your day. Make a to-do list either the night before or first thing in the morning (of course, after meditation). Jot down the tasks that require your immediate attention and try to finish off those on priority. Now, this will help you alleviate the stress. Also, since your brain is active in the morning, you will effectively get more work done quickly and spend more time with elite Russian escorts. When you have your priorities set beforehand, it saves time to think about what to do next and you can do more work in a short time. Do not forget to take small breaks in between. The brain must relax at least after every 90 minutes. Give your brain the refreshment it needs to keep it fresh and working for the rest of the day.

Hydration is the Key

Water is immensely salient in keeping your mind active and clear. No amount of soda, tea, or coffee will benefit you as much as plain water. An average person like your high class girl needs to drink about 3 to 5 litres of water every day to stay fit.  Squeeze in few drops of lemon in lukewarm water whenever you feel the energy draining out of you. It will work as an instant energy booster and will bring back your productivity. When the body is hydrated, it can stay active for a long time and work tirelessly.

Nutrition is the Fuel

Eating an adequate amount of food is another predominant factor to maintain your productivity throughout the day. Time your meals. Do not gorge on food in one sitting and fast yourself after that. Not only is this entirely unhealthy, but it will also make your blonde feel lazy and sleepy 24/7. The more food you eat, the more energy your mind will spend on digesting the food. So rather than focussing on completing the tasks, your body will demand rest to digest the food. For us to keep our bodies healthy we have to focus on eating a well balanced and nutritious diet. Keeping the body healthy with a nutritious diet helps to increase productivity.

Learn to say NO

You know how much work you can handle. While giving your 100% is enough and totally fine, you do not have to go all overboard. In a rush to impress your boss or female partner, neither will your work be satisfactory nor will your boss be pleased about it. Instead, try to finish off whatever work you already have. Focus on perfecting that. There is no harm or embarrassment in saying no to people. When you say no to something people will understand that you cannot just heap with extra work. This will also show your commitment to the work that you have at your disposal.

Social Media Detox

Toss your phones aside while working on your projects. We all are guilty of scrolling through unlimited memes and reels about high class girl on social media and losing track of time. Now, what did we get from that? Nothing, but panic. Set a time when you take breaks, listen to music instead to calm your mind and get back to work. We all know the importance of a good, so why neglect it. The routine of working late at night and getting up early in the morning will only exhaust you more with every passing day. Instead, time your work in a way that you get to spend some time in your personal life before hitting the bed. Try to aim for a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep.


If you are feeling exhausted, slow down. Give yourself a much-needed break; you deserve it. You will notice this tiny gesture will play a vital role in clearing your mind space and increasing your productivity level. Although you may sometimes get a highly overwhelming feeling that the universe is out there to fail you, take a deep breath, reflect on how much you have achieved, how far you have come along with your busty, and how badly you want to achieve your dreams. Make a few additions here and a few deductions there, and you will get the simple yet victorious formula to clear your mind and be productive!