An Intro To Joy vs Happiness In Under 5 Minutes

Happiness and Joy are wonderful feelings to experience, but unlike a contrary belief, both these feelings are entirely different. The difference lies in the reasons causing the feeling and the nature of the feeling. On the one hand, happiness is a worldly feeling more to do with the outer world, achievements, and elite Russian escorts. On the other hand, joy is a feeling of inner contentment. In scientific terms, happiness is solid, wherein joy is liquid. Many of us spend our days seeking happiness, but for once, ask yourself if that is the right thing to be chasing?

This article is an intro to Joy vs Happiness in a simplified way and will shine some light on achieving joy to live a fulfilling and satisfying life with your high class girl. When you are able to understand the difference between happiness and joy, you can very well decide what you want in life. It makes living life much simple and pleasant.

Happiness vs Joy


Happiness is an emotion wherein elite Russian escorts experiences feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense pleasure, often regarding the people and things in their environment. It is more like a feeling or sudden adrenaline rush you feel when you achieve something in a particular moment. Happiness, as it is a sudden feeling, comes down as fast as it goes up. It means at one moment you feel very happy and the other moment you find yourself just normal. Joy is a much stronger and less common feeling than happiness. Witnessing or achieving selflessness to the point of personal sacrifice or feeling connected to a god or people frequently triggers this emotion. Joy is a consistent state of peace unaffected by the outside worldly desires. Therefore the feeling of joy stays with for a much longer time and sometimes for whole life.


Happiness is the fulfilment of worldly expectations and other temporary earthly experiences, whereas joy is spiritual experiences, caring for others, gratitude, and thankfulness are primary reasons behind feeling joyful. Happiness is caused by the fulfilment of materialistic things of the world like meeting elite Russian escorts whereas joy comes from the feeling of being spiritual or ascetic. There is a

Emotion expression

Happiness is an outward expression of delight, like laughter, a smile, even tears. An expression to boast your accomplishments to your female partner, family, colleagues or the entire world. On the other hand, joy is a refreshing feeling 24/7 of inward peace and contentment that lifts your soul. You may or may not want to show off to the world. Happiness is more of an outward feeling that we like to share with others, but joy is an inner feeling, that people can see, but you do not share with others.

Time frame

Happiness is highly conditional and inconsistent. We may desire it, pursue it, and we may even figure out a way to buy happiness, but we cannot hold on to it forever. We achieve our goals once, and we feel happiness until the next set of situations comes along to pop that bubble. Then we begin to seek a new goal; a new source of happiness. The circle continues till the end of our lives. Joy, on the other side, is an internally driven emotion that is not dependent on our surroundings and is more often found along the journey as a byproduct of seeking our goals. You carry this emotion for your busty within yourself. In short, happiness is something that will fade away with time and does not stay forever. Whereas the feeling of joy is permanent and will stay forever.


Happiness is a state-driven by circumstances. Moments of happiness can be compared to rising bubbles. One moment they are there, and the very next moment, they pop. But, Joy is the feeling of joy is more like ever-present oxygen. It stays with us even after the bubble pop and gives us the strength to endure things as we move on in life with a blonde, especially when we lack happiness.


Happiness is like a new job, a much-awaited promotion, eating your treasured food, a special person like your high class girl, buying a house, closing a big deal, getting a dog, winning a lottery, watching your all-time favourite movie, childbirth or going on a vacation. Happiness is an element of chance. Joy can be felt in conjunction with other contrasting emotions. For example, we can still be joyous about our performance in a competition after losing or feel the joy of our connection with a loved one, even as we mourn their loss. Apart from this, we can sometimes feel joy in serving others through sacrifice with no possible personal gain or witnessing justice for the less fortunate.

Pillars Of Joy

In the context of joy vs happiness, joy is a legit winner. Although now you must be wondering how to find joy or a secret to lead a good life with your female partner. As you all must have now understood, joy is a long-term emotion and the only thing worth chasing 24/7. There are 8 pillars of joy and they are perspective, humility, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness, humour, gratitude, and compassion

How To Find Joy

Once you set your mind towards achieving joy, there is no stopping you from being joyful, even if you face adversities in life. Here are some simple ways to do it. You can start with practising gratitude by writing a journal or making a note of things you are grateful for daily. Then the next step should be a social media detox that will help you to remove all the clutters accumulated in your mind. And the last step is to try meditation along with your blonde to calm your mind and tame your thoughts

Wrapping Up

Understanding that however similar the two feelings are, there is a minutely significant difference between them. Happiness, like luck, is an element of change and temporary; it is fleeting and will fade away before we know it. Whereas joy is a feeling drive purely out of our inner self, relating to gratitude and mindfulness. Just embrace the simple experiences and pleasures that you had with your high class girl. And, also remember to always aim for a far more consistent feeling of joy. Happiness is for a short period of time, whereas the feeling of joy stays with this for a long time. These feelings of joy and happiness look so similar but the person feeling them know that there is a huge difference in both feelings.