Tips to Attract Millionaire Clients

Hi there! Do you wonder how you can become a high class Chelsea escort? Or how you can stop attracting low-end clients but rather brash Saudi Billionaires and VIP Italian CEOs. If this is you, this article was written to earn more money and attract high-end paying clients.

In some cases, your fellow blonde girl might be lucky. However, you must also know that luck runs out. To ensure you do not depend on luck, you need to start working on it. If you are determined to start a new chapter as a Russian model babe, then you need to forget everything you know and follow my five tips below:

5 Tips to Attract Millionaire Clients

Let Go of the Crazy Name

High-end Millionaire clients have spent most of their lives living in a world where everyone around them is faking it. From the girl next door to the business partner, everyone is trying to impress him. For this reason, the millionaire client will prefer an elite London escorts who are real. One who does not have an exaggerated name like “Man doctor” or Mia the Medicine.”

To find a classy model name for your brand, no need to figure out what sounds nice and what does not. You have a real name, so use that name. Similarly, if you want a pseudo, find one for a real person and not an exaggerated model one.

 Build a Personal Website

Is there a better way to advertise your VIP Mayfair services other than having a personal website online? This is the simplest way to make self-known to millions of people worldwide without too much effort. You can also tailor your content to be shown to people in select countries that you think increase your chances to get high net clients.

Elite London escorts need to be careful about what you post or write about yourself. Do not come off too pushy or too seductive. Post important stuff such as conservationist efforts and night travels.

Increase Your Prices

How much do you charge? Do your charges make you stand out, or you are among the pact? There are two ways to stand out.  You can use either brand yourself as a low-class escorting or as busty girls in training. If you want to attract millionaire clients, you will have to increase your prices. This way, millionaire clients will automatically consider you a sophisticated woman worth their time and money.

Hang out where it Matters

Where do Busty Park Lane escort girls and their clients go to eat? Is it in a seven-star hotel or a 1-star hotel? A luxury seven-star hotel increases your chances of getting a top millionaire client because that is where they are likely to hang out. Also, choose your sports carefully. Most CEOS prefer golf and poker at the casino. With this in mind, it is time for a would-be a Top model to start playing golf.

Use Facebook Ads

You will be surprised what you can do with the Facebook ads. Did you know that FB Ads make it possible for you to target high net individuals? Yes, there are several ways you can do this though it will take some trial and error techniques before it works