Tips to Have Better Sleep

Are you one of the many busty elite London escorts who are struggling to get some decent sleep? Do not worry; you are not alone. If you have transitioned into the digital space, you will realize how busy life has been this couple of months. Especially you found a good niche that keeps you awake all day.

If you have problems sleeping because of your new side hustle, what about the Mayfair escort who is married and has two hyper kids? For any model, sleep is essential, and it directly affects your physical and mental well being. This is the reason why we have decided to write this article. Other benefits of sleep for VIP girls include better skin, better decision-making capabilities, and a better working immune system.

What are the most common reasons why a married top Chelsea escort fails to get enough?

  • Their side hustle
  • Babies that won’t go to sleep
  • Laundry work
  • Reality TV shows for models
  • Nudging husbands

4 Tips to Have Better Sleep

1. Never Change Your Sleeping Schedule

To have a night of better sleep, a model must train herself to have a strict sleep schedule that cannot be compromised. If any Mayfair call girl will sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 5 am every morning, let it be 5 am even if you sleep at 1 am. High-class Chelsea models must train their VIP bodies to have a particular sleeping pattern to program itself when healing and recovering.

2. Get Rid of the Phone 

Get rid of the work phone, especially if you have an elite London escorts online business, is not as easy as you think. Let’s say you have an e-commerce high class store hosted by Shopify. Each time a girl goes to sleep, she will always be tempted to sleep with her phone. Instead, please turn it off and leave it in another room.

Also, make sure to buy an alarm clock specifically for waking you up, so you do not feel like it’s mandatory to sleep with your phone.

3. Let Go of Distractions

The first distraction girls need to let go of is the TV. Yes, you heard it, get rid of your TV! Having a TV in the bedroom and your escorting work does not help but only makes matters worse. According to recent studies, TV in the bedroom increases sleeps time by more than 40% in older generations and more than 60% in the younger generation.

If you are addicted to TV, try turning it off at least 30 minutes before your bedtime.

4. Have a Sleep Routine

Have you ever asked yourself why escorting children of couples sleep at a particular time as if they are programmed to sleep at that exact time? The answer is to create something similar to a girls daily routine. When they wear heavy cloths and some baby socks, then they know it’s time to sleep.  Develop a routine and train the body to know when to sleep. For example, you can read a book or meditate.